The vision of The Business Market is 'to help you get connected'.

Our mission is to provide high-value opportunities and methods for marketing and promoting businesses with the goal of increasing your sales. The Business Market provides an innovative, collaborative platform for businesses to connect with each other in high-energy, effective and affordable ways. It is a hybrid of the numerous marketing options available today and introduces some cutting-edge, unique selling points.

The Business Market spreads the traditional week-long trade show over regular networking and referral events, called 'Business Markets'. In a unique way it combines these with unlimited business opportunities in multiple 'Business Centres’ focused on the best cafe's and other centres available in each local area. The 'Local and Regional Business Markets' incorporate the seven types of marketing, namely, word-of-mouth referrals, strategic alliances, public relations, internet marketing, direct marketing, advertising and events.

The Business Market’s key points of difference include the fact that it works together with, not in competition against, other business networking organisations (like the Chamber of Commerce, BNI and economic development forums); the markets are less time-consuming and exhausting than regular trade shows; the atmosphere is conducive to positive business in a warm and high-impact environment; it features expert speakers covering a wide range of topics, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own marketing materials.

Brett Yeatman (Managing Director)

Meet The National Team

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Brett Yeatman

Founder & Managing Director

Brett Yeatman - Founder & Managing Director

The Business Market is a unique concept established in Tauranga and soon to be growing across New Zealand. The Regional Markets are in essence a one-day trade show with guest speakers presenting Power Talks and workshops. The Markets provide numerous opportunities to network, grow your database, build your brand and your business. The Business Market is all about helping you get connected.

Brett’s passion is business collaboration, and he believes in working together to build great cities and secure the future for the next generation. He is excited to see how we can help grow businesses of all sizes as these are the backbone of every community.

Email: brett.y@thebusinessmarket.org

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Annette Yeatman

Co-Founder & National Administrator

Annette Yeatman - Co-Founder & National Administrator

Born in Africa, a background in hospitality, public relations and people management. Been in New Zealand 16 years and am now the National Administrator / co- founder for the Business Market. 

The Business Market is an exciting and new way to connect and collaborate with people in the context of business to business styled trade shows. We are not a networking group alone. Networking is a by-product of what we do. Our main focus is the Business Centres in local cafes that in turn feed into local and regional markets. In addition to this, we have a strong community focus. We believe that strong communities build strong cities. Take the time to find out more about the Business Market it will be worth it.

Email: annette.y@thebusinessmarket.org

Nico de Jong

Nico de Jong

Lawyer and Trade Marks Attorney

Nico de Jong - Lawyer and Trade Marks Attorney

I work with intellectual property and contracts. I work for businesses of all industries and sizes but I have a passion for small businesses and helping them to protect their intellectual assets and to grow. I focus on trade marks (brands) and contracts for small businesses that deal with products, services and intellectual property. This is what I do for The Business Market, helping them establish a legal framework and growing from that.

See www.theloft.legal for more information.

Email: nico@theloft.legal

Phone: +64 22 183 6685

steve munford

Steve Munford

National Social Media

Steve Munford - National Social Media

I have been self-employed for the majority of my working life, during this time I have had some great business experiences and some not so great.
This resulted in an understanding of what works and what does not.
In 2006 I became an independent contractor to NZ’s largest website development company.
Working with local business owners who all wanted to get a return on investment for their marketing investment.
Business owners would ask, what about Social Media?
My view back then was, it was for the large Brands like Coca Cola, Redbull and Musicians.
Then it all changed with the mobile revolution, smart phones and mobile devices.
“Social Media” began to play a big role in the way people were consuming content.
It used to be all about having a website with the right key words so you were found on Google.
Seeing this trend I spent time in the States training on a Facebook App and Facebook advertising.
Today I work with local business owners. evaluating, brainstorming, and strategizing ways to stand out from the crowd using “Social Media”.
I have three grown children and two teenage stepchildren who all keep me busy as a Dad.

Email: steve@brandlike.co.nz

Phone: 021 254 9072

Kim web

Kim White

Business Development Manager

Kim White - Business Development Manager

We believe in people, their gifts and talents and their potential.
We believe in the power of building exceptional teams, maximising each members contribution and recognising their strengths.
We believe in developing enduring and personalised cultures that permeate every aspect of our businesses and organisations.
And we believe in having sound, long term strategies, developing your vision into obtainable, actionable plans and goals.

With a background in sales, marketing, strategy and general management I bring a well proven big picture capability to assist you take your business or organisation from strength to strength. Employers and clients included Tower Trust, Prudential, AMP, Countrywide Bank, Trustees Executors, Jacques Martin, Tower Retirement and Investmentlink NZ.

For the past 8 years I've been involved heavily in the Non-Profit sector assisting with management, fund raising, project management, leadership training and through my own personal development and motivation business Dreaming with Purpose.

Two years ago I started the Winners Circle with Patrick Corna - adding his HR/Small Business background to our offering.

Email: kim.w@thebusinessmarket.org

Phone: +64 21 246 6658